Been a while since I’ve published here, nearly a whole month in fact. I have spent that time [packing and moving to a new home]( and [finishing *The Last of Us Part II* on Grounded difficulty]( This was my 14th move in my life and my third time beating *The Last of Us Part II* since its release on June 19, 2020. What’d I miss? # [PS5 Backward Compatibility Detailed]( More than 99% of PS4 games will be playable on PS5. That sounds like what I expected. Here is what [[The Games from the PS5 Event|I wrote after the June PS5 event]]: > The last point I wanted to touch on was actually what kicked off the entire show. There was a montage of big name PS4 games. While not as declarative as Microsoft’s messaging surrounding backward compatibility, this is certainly clearer than Sony’s original statements. This tells the consumer that you can play your PS4 games on PS5, don’t worry. It was a good way to open the show up. The real question is why did it take so long for Sony to be clear and direct with this messaging. # [The Official PS5 Teardown]( This thing is a giant, sleek heat sink with liquid metal to help transfer heat from the CPU. Can’t wait to hear how quiet (or not quiet) the console is. # [PS5 UI Tour]( I have way more thoughts about the UI of the PS5. At this point, I think those thoughts may be better saved for the review I plan to write. At first blush, it appears snappy, integrated deeper into the games and social interactions, and way too big. # [Jason Rubin Promoted to VP of Play at Facebook Gaming and launches Cloud Gaming]( Co-founder of Naughty Dog has been at Facebook for two years, mostly in charge of Oculus VR partnerships. Rubin was recently promoted to VP of Play at Facebook. This announcement goes alongside the company’s own implementation of cloud gaming. Rather than charge or a subscription or offer some special hardware, Facebook is just using cloud gaming as a way to deliver games and ads for games to their users. You can play right in the News Feed or on their Gaming tab. This approach seems incredibly smart to me. It is integrating cloud gaming, instead of providing a new service, platform, or controller. Cloud gaming will just be one way to play these mobile games, not the only way. # [Analogue Duo]( Boutique FPGA console maker Analogue has entered the CD-based FPGA console arena with a TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, SuperGrafx, TurboGrafx CD, PC Engine CD-ROM, and Super Arcade CD-ROM focused console. It is supposed to launch in 2021 at $200 with a limited supply. # [XSX Auto HDR in Action]( Digital Foundry did a breakdown of the new Auto HDR system-level feature on the Xbox Series X. It will add HDR to games that were never designed with it in mind, which helps make those back compat titles, theoretically, look even better. The feature seems to be hit or miss though, depending on the game. # [Uncharted Movie first tease look]( I am now strangely hopeful? I just want this movie to be a fun ride. Whether it’ll be fun because it is another poor video game movie or a action-adventure romp remains to be seen. # [MacStories iOS 14 Review]( Ticci time arrived! Federico Viticci’s annual iOS review is always a treat and 2020’s iOS 14 review is no exception. I am still chipping away at it, but I can’t think of a better place to go to fully explore the impact of iOS 14 on its users. # [iPhone 12 line revealed]( Welcome back flat sides! # [Invincible Animated Series Teaser]( Please, please be good.