Now this is a cyber game I can get behind. Yacht Club Games and Mechanical Head Studios just announced that *Cyber Shadow* is launching on January 26, 2021. I was fortunate enough to preview *Cyber Shadow* at PAX East 2019 for DualShockers. [[Cyber Shadow Expertly Blends the Matrix and Ninja Gaiden|Here’s what I thought of it hot off its initial announcement]]: >If you had told me a month ago that the first game I’d play at Yacht Club Games’ booth wouldn’t be S*hovel Knight: King of Cards*, I’d probably would have been very confused. Yacht Club Games is one of my favorite developers in the business. I’ve bought *Shovel Knight* five times for myself, plus as a gift for friends. I’ve beaten it countless times, earned the Platinum on Vita, and snagged each vinyl of the killer soundtrack. But Yacht Club Games threw me a curve ball the day before PAX East 2019 and announced the next game they are publishing—Cyber Shadow. > > I showed up at my appointment with my favorite developer at the show and booted up *Cyber Shadow* right off the bat. It did not disappoint. If there were more levels available in the demo, I easily would have played this for the entirety of my appointment, forgetting to check out *Shovel Knight: King of Cards* altogether, because *Cyber Shadow* is so good. The [new trailer]( is oh-so-slick and I cannot wait to play in just a little over a month’s time.