[Meet the one-man studio behind Cyber Shadow](https://blog.playstation.com/2021/01/12/meet-the-one-man-studio-behind-cyber-shadow/) by Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker for the PlayStation Blog > I used photos of myself as a reference for drawings and animations, but I couldn’t (allegedly) run like a real ninja, so the animation ended up looking pretty stiff. My training project wasn’t just for training anymore. It was shaping into a game with slashing in addition to jumping. This brief origin story for *Cyber Shadow* totally reminds me of *The Making of Prince of Persia Journals 1985-1993* by Jordan Mechner. Early on in the book (and the game’s development) Mechner bought a camera to record his brother and other actors on film that he could then breakdown frame-by-frame and hand animate characters in *Prince of Persia*. > October 15, 1986 > > Bought a camera at Whole Earth. It was more expensive than I’d anticipated — $250 with the lens —but it’s a good camera, and I imagine I’ll find some use for it even after the game’s done. > > I shot my first roll of film (David turning around) and had it developed at the local one-hour photo shop; I think this will work. The real problem, obviosuly, will be going from a sheaf og snapshots to the 280 x 192 Apple screen, and the loss of accuracy entailed therein. It almost makes me want to do it in double hi-res. – Page 40 ![[camera-scan-crop-1.jpg]] > October 25, 1986 > > Yesterday I implemented the running animation. Next I’ll do the jumping…then the stopping…then the “jumping from a stopped position”…oh boy, this is great! – Page 44 It is wonderful to see that nearly 35 years later, video game developers are still using the same techniques to capture the [[Some Things Never Change|authenticity of real, human movement]]. My other favorite tidbit from this blog post was that the game will run at 120fps on PS5 (and presumably on Xbox Series consoles). How cool is it that a game inspired by the 8-bit consoles of yore can run at 120fps?! Merging the new with the old can really be quite exciting.