[IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR NA WALMART CUSTOMERS – Polymega](https://polymega.com/blogs/system-software-updates/important-update-for-na-walmart-customers) > Backstory — walmart.com seemed to have gone through a personnel change sometime in Q3-Q4 of last year, and since then they have stopped responding to our emails and phone calls, despite repeated attempts to contact them regarding fulfillment of the North American pre-orders. We gave our contacts at Walmart.com and their distributor Solutions2Go ample time to respond and rectify the situation, but they’ve left us with no response, despite even threats of legal action due to the significant issues this has caused us all. For those unfamiliar, the [Polymega](https://polymega.com/) is a modular, emulation-based game console that uses your physical game discs and cartridges. Last year, Polymega went up for pre-orders, both on their own site and through Walmart here in North America. It know appears that Walmart has [ghosted](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Ghosting) Polymega’s company Playmaji. Playmaji is requesting that all Walmart customers that pre-ordered from them cancel said orders. To help soften the blow, Playmaji is offering $50 off to, what appears to be, anyone not just Walmart customers by using the code “WALMART50” at checkout. Their post doesn’t say you need to prove you ordered from Walmart to use the code. Combined with the deluxe bundle (the base unit and all four modules), you can save $166. It basically turns the deluxe bundle into a buy two modules, get the other two free. I’ve had my eyes on Polymega for a couple years due to their approach with emulators for software rather than the FPGA emulation for hardware that most folks seem to have gone toward when playing old games. I know some [press](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKMHpwDfzFQ&t=1198s) has the Polymega, but I haven’t heard too much about it getting in the hands of consumers since pre-orders opened up publicly last year. This was maybe 5-ish months ago. I never ordered a console myself due to the steep price tag of $400 to start out. And that is solely for the base unit which handles the CD-based consoles. I don’t have a massive retro CD game collection and each additional module is $79. It gets expensive fast. If you go all in, it is more expensive than a PS5 by $100. I’d love to see one in action, but the pre-order plot getting thicker and messier makes me less inclined to go for one. Hopefully this and their supply gets panned out and Playmaji can deliver a rock solid retro gaming experience.