Pixel FX Announced along with N64Digital

Pixel FX

The dream team of @citrus3000psi, @chriz2600, and @woozle64 have come together and formed Pixel FX. Alongside the announcement of their company together, the team has along announced a new N64 HDMI mod that will launch in April 2021. The N64Digital seems to be a direct competitor to the extremely difficult to acquire Ultra HDMI 64. With the track record behind these three, I imagine the N64Digital will have better stock over time.

The initial results look incredible.

Citrus3000psi and Chriz2600 have worked together on the PS1Digital, which looks slick. I have been following Woozle’s work for years now with the GBA Consolizer and the DS Consolizer. Pixel FX sounds like a killer company to keep an eye on. I know I am excited for what these three will bring to retro hardware together.