N64Digital Price Revealed

shmups.system11.org • View topic – UltraHDMI group-buy ROUND 7 – 2021-01-30 UPDATE: via sentient6 on Twitter

The major differences are the lag and scalers used. Here is a more detailed info of what the N64D will be able to do at launch.


The sale price will be 160. We actually lowered the hardware cost vs PS1D but the added DAC and filter pushed it right back up. – citrus3000psi

Straight from citrus3000psi on the shmups forums. Nice to know the price for the N64Digital is in line with the PS1Digital. Although, I find it even more interesting that the price was lower before adding in the DAC for RGB output and the “filter,” which I take to mean the advanced smoothing filters detailed in the roadmap.

All that is left is a specific date in April and to see the mod in action. I can’t wait.