Exploring the Legend – 35 Years of The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda turns 35 today, this fine February 21, 2021. I never never beaten the first Zelda game. But like countless others, the legend is intertwined with my love for video games. Adventure, discovery, fierce battle, magic, and the people that make up each iteration of Hyrule are woven together in a tapestry that we all have a little piece in.

For the 35th anniversary, I wanted to come up with 35 posts about The Legend of Zelda and what makes it special to me and so many others.  I already have a note full of ideas. There (currently) is no rhyme or reason to the schedule; just 35 posts throughout the year 2021. My first post is about the newly announced remaster of Skyward Sword, the game that “started” it all. I look forward to digging into the legend throughout the year and I hope you’ll join me.