> Super Nt, Mega Sg and DAC restocks incoming asap. Super Nt in March/April. Mega Sg and DAC soon after. There will be a heads up before live on the store. As always, sign up for stock notifications to be notified the instant they are back in stock: https://www.analogue.co/store > > Analogue via [Twitter](https://twitter.com/analogue/status/1363908063237873664) By the time the restocks come to fruition, [[Analogue Consoles Entirely Out of Stock|everything will have been out-of-stock for 3-4 months]]. The Super NT has been [[Super NT Black Color Variant Returns|flickering]] out of stock since early 2020, while the Mega SG finally went out after Christmas 2020 along with the [[Analogue DAC Thoughts and Impressions|DAC]]. It is great to see Analogue restocking the consoles, especially the Super NT. We also just crossed the sub-100 days left until the end of May 2021, which is the current release window for the [[Analogue Pocket Sells Out in 10 Minutes|Pocket]]. The Duo is also supposed to be releasing this year. It seems Analogue’s production is kicking back up, but we have to see if it can keep up with demand.