Yesterday, my dear friend Logan shared his impressions of *Invincible*. He works at [Comicbook]( and was fortunate enough to see the first three episodes as a member of the press. > *Invincible* is my favorite comic book series ever so I had high hopes for the TV series. Fortunately, I’ve now seen the first three episodes of @InvincibleHQ and it has been everything I dreamed of. Can’t wait for so many newcomers to discover this world. – Logan Moore via [Twitter]( I [followed up]( with this thought: > Logan politely hounded me for years to read *Invincible*. I never read comics. I gave in and found a world filled with incredible characters and genuine drama. I can’t speak to the show yet, but if my friend says it is dream worthy than you won’t be disappointed. Having now [[Invincible The Animated Series is Out and it is Perfect|seen the first episode]], I could not agree more. The world of Invincible is rich, dramatic, and engaging. I cannot wait for so many new people to enter the world of Invincible; you are all in for an unbelievable treat.