Metroid Prime 2D – A Nostalgic Sense of Déjà Vu

Metroid Prime 2D Demo Playthrough by Varia the Hunter on YouTube

April Fool’s turned reality, some folks have been working on turning Metroid Prime into a 2D game. The group released a demo for PC, which you can download here. It’s rather unique to turn the game that breathed new life into Metroid by making it a 3D FPS into a 2D game like the Metroid games of yore. I haven’t had a chance to play myself—no chance to mooch my wife’s laptop—but watching the demo in action reminds me quite a bit of Metroid: Samus Returns with its free-aiming ability, no doubt tied to the mouse.

It really evokes both Metroid as a whole and Metroid Prime the game. It filled me with a sense of both déjà vu and nostalgia for a game I played many years ago and have also never tried. I hope this does turn into a full release some day. It’s nice that some people remember outer space’s coolest bounty hunter.