Casey Liss from ATP and Analog(ue) joins me this time on The Max Frequency Podcast. We chat about how preserving ones and zeros is harder than you may think, flying drones, and celebrating working for yourself. Then Casey asks me about my own joby job. <audio controls> <source src=""> </audio> - *[Download]( (62MB) — [[MFP6_Transcription.pdf|Episode Transcript]]* - [RSS Feed]( - [Overcast]( - [Apple Podcasts]( - [Spotify]( # Show Notes ## Welcome - [ATP]( - [Casey’s Apps]( - [Analog(ue)]( - Casey’s Instagram [@caseyliss]( ## DJI Mini 2 - [DJI Mini 2 Product Page]( ## Drive to Survive - *[Drive to Survive](* on Netflix ## Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - [ATP 403: A VCR for the Internet]( - [Timestamped Chapter Start in Overcast]( - [*Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit* Launch Trailer]( - [PS VR2 Controller Reveal]( - [[Tetris Effect Review — The Puzzle Icon Reimagined|Max’s Tetris Effect Review]] ## The Internet and Preservation - [Announcing Vignette]( - [RIP, Vignette]( - [Playing with my Son by Andy Baio]( - [[Preserving and Rediscovering My Game Collection]] - [[Sony is Shutting Down the PS3, PSP, and Vita Stores]] - [[Sony Reverses Decision to Shut Down PS3 and Vita Stores]] - [[MiSTer FPGA Thoughts and Impressions – My Tool for Researching the Past|Max’s MiSTer FPGA Thoughts and Impressions]] - [Windows is Ditching Windows 95 Icons]( - [Setting up Windows 95 in 2021]( - [[Chasing the Stick - The Book – Here I Go Again]] - [*DOOM*’s Open Source Code]( - [Famicom (NES) Disk System]( ## Three Years of being Independent - [Taking Risks]( ## Building a Membership - [8 Years of ATP]( - [ATP Membership]( - [ATP Store]( - [Do By Friday]( - [Marco Arment]( - [John Siracusa]( - [The Mac Pro Lives]( ## Building iOS Apps - [Reply All #130 The Snapchat Thief]( ## The Most Magical Place on Earth - [[casey-president-nap.jpg|Casey’s Nap in the Hall of Presidents]] - [Walt Disney Presents]( - [New Roundup BBQ Restaurant Coming to Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios]( [Max Frequency]( [Max’s Twitter]( [Casey’s Twitter]( [Casey’s Instagram](