The Vault Heist in Fast Five was Pulled Off with Practical Effects

Fast Five Pulled Off The Greatest REAL Stunt In History by Nerdstalgic on YouTube

I have no idea how in the past decade I never knew that the iconic vault heist in Fast Five was actually shot with practical effects and stunts. I just rewatched all the Fast & Furious movies before F9 later this month, and Fast Five is still a masterpiece. It elevates what Fast & Furious could be and propelled it to the must-see, billion dollar grossing blockbuster series it is today. The heist here has always been one of my absolute favorites in film and now I love it even more. Holy cow, this stuff is wild.

When I rewatched Fast Five, I did notice/feel like a significant chunk of the stunts were actually more practical than I initially had expected, but not the vault heist. This exploration of how they actually pulled it off though helps explain why it works so well on screen though! If you can do it for real, I say go for it. That’s real movie magic.