“My Sweet, Sweet Baby Nintendo” with Logan Moore

Logan Moore reunites with Max Roberts for the time-honored tradition of predicting E3. Before that, they chat about Logan’s new job at Comicbook.com and just why he loves the Dark Souls game so much.

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Working in Video Game Journalism

What’s the Deal with Dark Souls?

Cross-Generational PlayStation Games

E3 2021 – PlayStation Predictions

  • Logan’s PlayStation Predictions
    • Spider-Man 2 is Revealed, Black Suit Spidey confirmed
    • BioShock 4 is revealed for the first time, no gameplay shown but the trailer reveals the location at the least
    • Half-Life: Alyx is announced for PSVR 2
    • Ghost of Tsushima 2 confirmed to be in development but it’s very, very far away
    • Konami IP appears, coming to PlayStation as an exclusive
  • Max’s PlayStation E3 Predictions
    • Sunset Overdrive comes to PS5
    • A mascot character returns
    • No new Horizon Forbidden West footage
    • Metal Gear Solid / Snake is in the showcase
    • Final Fantasy XVI gameplay and date

E3 2021 – Xbox Predictions

  • Logan’s Xbox Predictions
    • Halo Infinite multiplayer will be primarily highlighted, alpha/beta date revealed
    • A new Banjo game will finally be announced, being worked on by second party company
    • Battlefield 6 announced to release on Game Pass at launch
    • Wolfenstein 3 is teased, logo shown and that’s it 
    • Psychonauts 2 release date set for August 20th
  • Max’s Xbox E3 Predictions
    • Halo Infinite Beta – Today
    • Starfield only gets a trailer. No gameplay
    • Perfect Dark gameplay and release window announced
    • Bethesda shows off Indiana Jones gameplay
    • Microsoft announces an exclusive from a prominent Japanese developer

E3 2021 – Nintendo Predictions

  • Logan’s Nintendo Predictions
    • Switch Pro isn’t appearing at E3, at least not as a reveal
    • Breath of the Wild sequel will be shown but no release window given
    • Two Smash characters will be announced; Waluigi and Master Chief
    • New Metroid game is announced and Nintendo also comments on Metroid Prime 4’s development.
    • Bayonetta 3 is absolutely showing up
  • Max’s Nintendo Predictions
    • Breath of the Wild sequel shown off with no date
    • Doug Bowser and Bowser, The Koopa King appear on screen together
    • Mario Kart 9 is announced. Holiday 2021
    • New Metroid games do not make an appearance in the Direct
    • The GameCube makes an appearance.
    • 3D Donkey Kong returns