Panic Podcast – Episode 6: The Story of Playdate

Panic Podcast – Episode 6: The Story of Playdate

Find out how an offhand idea to mark the 15th anniversary of a software company launched a decade-long saga of twists, turns, and mini-boss battles that led to the creation of a handheld gaming console as surprising and unique as its creators. Pre-order day is finally here, but it’s dangerous to go alone. Take this adorable yellow box, and let’s get crankin’… on the story of Playdate.

Whether you plan on snagging a Playdate console or not, I think this episode of Panic’s aptly named podcast is worth a listen. It offers a delightful look into the creative process of designing hardware and software.

I love the edit of the show too. Tightly packed with knowledge, interviews, and fun jokes. Definitely something I admired while listening. Plus, the show notes are excellent with snazzy photos cataloguing the development cycle.

Retro Gaming on Hi-Fi Inspired MiSTer FPGA Build – Macho Nacho Productions

Can’t buy an Analogue Console? Make this Instead! | Retro Gaming on Hi-Fi Inspired MiSTer FPGA Build by Macho Nacho Production on YouTube

I love my MiSTer and its new aluminum case, but hot dog, Tito has cooked up a clean-looking MiSTer build! Not only is the case striking, but the camera work is *chef kiss* worthy. A great video for those looking for some MiSTer inspiration.

Playdate Initial Lot Sells Out in 17 Minutes

Congratulations Panic for selling all 20,000 Playdates in the first lot. Not quite as fast as the Analogue Pocket, but definitely much smoother. I managed to snag an order quite easily (and thankfully). This has definitely been the smoothest pre-order experience I have had probably since the Animal Crossing Switch for my wife or a brick and mortar store pre-order. Can’t wait to get my hands on this thing later this year.

The Good Ol’ Nintendo Rumor Mill

Nearly two weeks ago, Twitter user @markomaro tweeted out a lengthy thread filled with quite a few too good to be true rumors about Nintendo and the Switch’s upcoming lineup. There are some that are specific, while others have plenty of wiggle room. I thought it’d be fun to look at the thread and gauge the possibility.

DK 2D NEW adventure is one of the big hits for next year Still unclear when since there was planned for this Holliday season time ago but will make sense to use it as a closing or opening FY. Splatoon 3 Should come early next summer.

This one leads with a straight-up contradiction to pre-E3 rumors! It’s rumor vs rumor when it comes to the future of Donkey Kong. Personally, I would love for the ape to return to 3D, but 2D is where this series predominantly lives. With Retro working on Metroid Prime 4, I do find it odd that there is no dev attached to this rumor. The 3D game is associated with the Super Mario Odyssey team. Since it’d be exciting if Nintendo returned to 3D, I assume that means the 2D rumor is true.

Buddy Mission: BOND it’s unlikely to be localized since Famicom Detective Club Didn’t performed very well, Numbers are estimated to be under 25K worldwide. There is plans for a new entry for FDC, but with this situation is unlikely to happen.

This comes off as industry analyst, not a rumor or prediction. 

Style Boutique/Savvi for Switch waiting to be release at some point, probably around Christmas time or early 2022, But they holding this release as a random release in weak months.

This comes off as peak DS/Wii game. The Switch is reaching those numbers though.

Bayonetta 3 not shown at the E3 was really weird since i heard that the game is at the final stage of development. There is stuff ready to be shown. In September or late this year they will release first trailer. There is also 1-2 PG ports ready and waiting in the bench.

I agree. Not showing Bayonetta 3 at E3 2021 was odd. It’ll be cool to have the game essentially be re-revealed at some point, hopefully close to launch. What is a PG port? Certainly not a “PG-rated” port of Bayonetta 1 and 2? This one has gone over my head.

Intelligent S is supervising Advance Wars 1+2, Done With Wario Ware , Finished the new Fire Emblem Echoes (1H 2022) and working in the Paper Mario Remake (2022-2023), it’s also Working in a Small Game for the eShop.

Start packing in your pipe and get ready to dream. Paper Mario Remake? I just can’t buy it. Paper Mario is definitively not the franchise it was in 2000 and 2004. It hasn’t been that way since, as I’ve come to realize over the course of Chapter Select Season 1. But maybe that’s my little paper heart protecting itself after years of nada, just like it was with Metroid.

Another Fire Emblem game strikes me as an obvious and safe bet.

Next LG next game going smoothly, probably ready to be shown at some point next year, there is also an early prototype for Wii’s Punch-Out! on the Switch may be for a future port/remake or a sequel.

I take LG to stand for Next Level Games from Luigi’s Mansion 3 fame. If there is a Punch-Out! prototype, it sort of sounds like Markmaro is guessing that Next Level Games is behind it.

Rhythm Paradise/Heaven Gets a green light for a new entry for Switch months ago, but i shouldn’t expect it until 2023. Pikmin 4 was a game with many years of work behind and 1 unofficial restart around 2016-2017 similar to MP4, finally the game is very close to be finished.

Sure? I suppose most folks will forget about this Rhythm Heaven rumor by 2023, so it works out either way. Pikmin 4 is a safe bet. Just like the Metroid Prime Trilogy, we know that Pikmin 4 is in development. Actually, even more so, since Miyamoto has said as much in an interview! We just need that reveal.

Kirby’s Next big adventure is something to be expected in 2022, Game was designed as a 3D adventure with…RPG elements.

It is a shocker that there is another Kirby game in development for the Switch. Combined with the vagueness of “RPG elements,” this is practically a lock and just about anyone could have said so.

Metroid Prime Collection Should be ready for the 1H 2022 even if it’s finished since ages, i heard they include more stuff since then, so it’s not 100% Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii HD, first look at Metroid Prime 4 later on. The game is at 65% of it’s development cycle .

Go ahead and light up that pipe.

Hard to picture Metroid Prime 4 at 65% completion with all the hiring Retro Studios is still doing for the game. Take as much time as you need, but I don’t think Metroid Prime 4 is out until 2024.

As for the Metroid Prime Trilogy, I hope there is more than jus ta port of the Wii game. It’d be a great package to celebrate Metroid as a whole. Throw in the GBA games. More likely, I could see more concept art and a demo or something for Metroid Prime 4, just like Nintendo did with The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition on GameCube; four Zelda games and a demo of Wind Waker.

As i Said before, even if N said no more Zelda for the anniversary, WW and TP are done for a while so there will come sooner than later, Don’t know anything about OOT And MM HD (but something abut the N64 ver. that maybe we will know later this year).

This also feels safe. Nintendo has been porting the Wii U greats since the Switch launched. Nintendo also knows the Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are iconic. There is a reason they were remade for Nintendo 3DS (it was money). Ocarina of Time will turn 25 in 2023, I could see something by then.

As i state a year ago, there is a remake for Oracles of Ages/Seasons in the works (2022-2023) there where plans to include a third game that was planned originally for the GBC, what it’s clear at least since the start it’s that will be separate releases.

The grammar here makes this one harder to parse out. Remakes of these two games also makes sense, especially after the surprise launch of Link’s Awakening for Switch. Nintendo has always taken their portable Zelda games and made sequels and spin-offs with the assets. 

Detective Pikachu 2 will make a trailer debut early next year alongside the first one that will be ported to Switch.Gen 9 unlikely to happen in 2022 since there is a Pokemon Let’s Go Sequel planned for later next year. Pokemon Pinball will make a comeback in some way,somewhere.

The first sentence is not shocking at all. Detective Pikachu has viability on Switch, I think, especially after the movie. With Diamond and Pearl being remade this year and Legends supposedly launching in January 2022, not seeing Gen 9 next year makes sense.

The real shocker and closer is Pokémon Pinball making a comeback.

This was fun. Do I believe all of this? Certainly not. I think there are some super safe observations in there under the veil of a rumor. The more exciting rumors feel too obvious as a business/consumer idea, so that makes me think Nintendo will not do them. Only time will tell. 

Guest Appearance on Halo Forever with Mario Rivera

Halo Forever Season 2 Ep. 1 “Cairo Station” (Special Guest Chapter Select’s Max Roberts) by Mario Rivera on YouTube

Back when Mario was in pre-production on Halo Forever, his Let’s Play series through the Halo franchise, he asked me what Halo 2 level I’d like to play.

For me, it was no contest: Cairo Station. Returning the bomb to the Covenant forces – absolutely iconic.

I had a blast playing along with Mario and trying out my fancy streaming gear. Even my wife makes an appearance.

That’s No Moon Studio Announced, Former PlayStation Devs Behind It

Game Veterans Establish New Indie Development Studio by Trilby Beresford for The Hollywood Reporter

That’s No Moon Entertainment is led by CEO Michael Mumbauer, former head of PlayStation’s Visual Arts Group. For its debut action-adventure project, the company is backed by a $100 million investment from South Korean developer Smilegate, creators of the CrossFire first-person shooter series.

I have never heard of CrossFire, but Michael Mumbauer’s name is familiar. Mumbauer was the head of PlayStation’s Visual Arts Group, which operates as a support studio. Mumbauer reportedly wanted to remake The Last of Us as a way to get Sony’s attention and pursue standing out as its own team, remaking games and creating new ones. That did not fly. Mumbauer left Sony by the end of 2020.

This is apparently what he has been up to.

There are quite a few PlayStation dev alums at That’s No Moon. Four of the 29 current team members alone are from Naughty Dog. More hail from PlayStation (possibly the Visual Arts Group itself), Sony Santa Monica, and Bend. Others come from Bungie and Activision.

My brain immediately went to what if PlayStation entered a second-party relationship with That’s No Moon, but that sort of seems farfetched, considering how Sony treated Mumbauer’s ambitions for the Visual Arts Group. Maybe if the check is big enough and That’s No Moon keeps creative control. Whatever their game becomes, we won’t see it for a long, long time.

Chapter Select: Season 1, Episode 5 – Super Paper Mario

In a wholly unique adventure, Super Paper Mario takes our 2D super star and brings him into a 3D world. Max, Logan, and special guest Ricky Frech boot up SWOON.EXE and see if the wiles of Super Paper Mario can truly charm them. How does this one-off puzzle platformer fit into the collage that is Paper Mario?

Download (32MB)

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Super Paper Mario

Metacritic – 85/100


This episode was originally recorded on July 21, 2021.

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Hosted by Logan Moore & Max Roberts

Episode Cover Art by Max Roberts

Behind the Pixel – Peer Schneider Shares a Look Inside IGN

Part of creating The Max Frequency Podcast was to restore all the episodes of Behind the Pixel, an interview show I did in 2017 for seven episodes. These will be mixed into this feed so that the show can live on podcast services once more. Below are the original show notes, with some light editing. I hope you enjoy.

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Co-founder of IGN, Peer Schneider sits down with Max Roberts to offer a look inside the world’s largest gaming website—IGN. Peer shares about bringing video games back on TV, reacting and responding to the audience, and how to keep reporting entertainment and gaming news fresh over the course of 20 years. With 156 million monthly users across 12 platforms, IGN is a massive machine. Join us for a peek at the parts the make it all work and the community that fuels it.

Follow Peer on Twitter @PeerIGN
Follow IGN on Twitter @IGN.

Dope facts about Peer Schneider

Links to articles mentioned in the interview

(Listed in order of publication date)

“If you frequent websites and YouTube channels and Twitch streams and you like something, say so. You do not understand how important it is to laud people for a job well done. And usually, we have this reaction where we want to say ‘That was awesome’ and step away. You can’t do that. Just like when you are angry—so important to give feedback when you are angry or when you disagree, very important to give that feedback—but remember to do it when you like something.”

— Peer Schneider on Action and Reaction with Peer Schneider: Pockets Full of Soup Ep. 48.

This episode was recorded on July 26, 2017.

Dolphin Emulator Adds Game Boy Support

Dolphin Emulator – mGBA Integration: Introducing the Integrated GBA

Your eyes are not deceiving you. As of 5.0-14690, Dolphin now has mGBA directly built into it as a new way to handle Game Boy Advance connectivity with GameCube titles. For those who don’t know, mGBA is the most renowned and accurate GBA emulator of this era and has been rapidly improving since its inception…

By bringing these two emulators together in one package, GBA connectivity features now work with popular features like savestates, input recordings, and netplay! All of this comes with the added bonus of improved performance and compatibility.

Between this and the recently released 2P GBA core for the MiSTer project, my childhood is getting such love and proper treatment in the emulation scene. I am stoked! I already downloaded the beta and began fiddling around with the functionality.

Sacred Symbols+, Episode 105: The Blue Box Conspiracy – Last Stand Media

Sacred Symbols+, Episode 105: The Blue Box Conspiracy by Last Stand Media on Patreon

I throughly enjoyed the deep dive into the possible evidence about Blue Box Game Studio. It’s behind the Patreon paywall, but this episode is an absolute treat! Colin and Dustin lay out all the tidbits and connect them with thoughtful conversation. I agree that something is up with Blue Box Game Studio and PlayStation. Theoretically, we’ll find out more in the coming weeks. Either way, I think this episode is absolutely worth the price of admission.

Motion Controls are Forever

“I honestly think we cannot go back to button controls now, so I think that these [motion] controls will be used in future Zelda titles, too.”

– Eiji Aonuma in an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine Issue 75 on December 12, 2011 via IGN

I love this quote – an absolute classic. Six months later, Nintendo changed their tune. 

Exploring the Legend – “Ocarina of Time has Met its Match”

For transparency, I have worked for IGN in the past as a freelance wiki guide writer.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review by Rich George for IGN on November 11, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the greatest Zelda game ever created. It’s the best game for Wii and one of the finest video game accomplishments of the past 10 years. The game has once again raised the bar and forged new territory for an iconic and innovative franchise. It’s not enough that it finally establishes a powerful, stirring origin story or that it features near-perfect pacing. What puts Skyward Sword over the top is its layered, dense, absolutely perfect gameplay that manages to not only nail motion-controlled combat but remarkably offers a stunning level of diversity.

I never noticed before, but this review was published on the same day as Skyrim’s original release.

I think about and cite this review all the time. Comparing that to IGN’s review-in-progress of Skyward Sword HD, it is clear that thoughts on the game have cooled immensely.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Review-In-Progress by Travis Northup for IGN

I’m 30+ hours into The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and it’s reminded me how much I loved this game when it originally came out on the Wii a decade ago, warts and all. (Not as much as IGN’s reviewer at the time, but quite a bit). The story and characters are some of the best in the series and the side quests and weirdness of the world are fantastic. On the other hand, the dungeons (and especially the boss fights) aren’t particularly challenging or memorable for the most part, and the gimmicky Wii-era motion control mechanics are still constantly right up in your face, reminding me why those never worked well. But with so much to do and a lot to love, Skyward Sword’s journey down memory lane has kept me smiling so far.

I do find it curious that this is a review-in-progress. I understand getting a game right before embargo and needing to have something out for the all-mighty SEO gods, but also not rushing the critic to hastily score a game. 30+ hours should be enough to beat the game, but c’est la vie, I suppose.

Honestly, I don’t care for scoring games. It’s reductive. I like it when the review does the talking, not a number, especially when everything is practically 7 or higher. I actually talked about this on the Paper Mario: Color Splash episode of Chapter Select with Logan Moore and Tomas Franzese.

Look at Rich’s tagline from 2011,

Ocarina of Time has met its match.

That says way more than 10/10 did in 2011. Today, Travis’ introduction toes a very neutral line:

I loved this game when it originally came out on the Wii a decade ago, warts and all. (Not as much as IGN’s reviewer at the time, but quite a bit).

…the gimmicky Wii-era motion control mechanics are still constantly right up in your face, reminding me why those never worked well. But with so much to do and a lot to love, Skyward Sword’s journey down memory lane has kept me smiling so far.

It’s coy, probably because this is in-progress, and I respect that. I simply find it fascinating to see how the two compare and how far from the grace of Hylia that Skyward Sword seems to have fallen in the eyes of critics. it is a window to the 25th anniversary and the swirl of hype surrounding the islands of Skyloft. The mentality of critics, fans, and casual players in the waning years of the years first-party support. Were motion-controls a gimmick then and are they now? Or are they simply a more physically interactive way to play and connect with a game? All questions and conversations I love talking about.