[Game Veterans Establish New Indie Development Studio](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/digital/game-veterans-new-indie-development-studio-1234985225/) by Trilby Beresford for The Hollywood Reporter > That’s No Moon Entertainment is led by CEO Michael Mumbauer, former head of PlayStation’s Visual Arts Group. For its debut action-adventure project, the company is backed by a $100 million investment from South Korean developer Smilegate, creators of the CrossFire first-person shooter series. I have never heard of *CrossFire*, but Michael Mumbauer’s name is familiar. Mumbauer was the head of PlayStation’s Visual Arts Group, which operates as a support studio. Mumbauer reportedly wanted to remake *The Last of Us* as a way to get Sony’s attention and pursue standing out as its own team, remaking games and creating new ones. [[PlayStation’s Blockbuster Garden|That did not fly]]. Mumbauer left Sony by the end of 2020. This is apparently what he has been up to. There are quite a few PlayStation dev alums at That’s No Moon. Four of the 29 current team members alone are from Naughty Dog. More hail from PlayStation (possibly the Visual Arts Group itself), Sony Santa Monica, and Bend. Others come from Bungie and Activision. My brain immediately went to what if PlayStation entered a second-party relationship with That’s No Moon, but that sort of seems farfetched, considering how Sony treated Mumbauer’s ambitions for the Visual Arts Group. Maybe if the check is big enough and That’s No Moon keeps creative control. Whatever their game becomes, we won’t see it for a long, long time.