Panic Podcast – Episode 6: The Story of Playdate

Panic Podcast – Episode 6: The Story of Playdate

Find out how an offhand idea to mark the 15th anniversary of a software company launched a decade-long saga of twists, turns, and mini-boss battles that led to the creation of a handheld gaming console as surprising and unique as its creators. Pre-order day is finally here, but it’s dangerous to go alone. Take this adorable yellow box, and let’s get crankin’… on the story of Playdate.

Whether you plan on snagging a Playdate console or not, I think this episode of Panic’s aptly named podcast is worth a listen. It offers a delightful look into the creative process of designing hardware and software.

I love the edit of the show too. Tightly packed with knowledge, interviews, and fun jokes. Definitely something I admired while listening. Plus, the show notes are excellent with snazzy photos cataloguing the development cycle.