[Fancy Game Boy Analogue Pocket Pre-Order: The Kotaku Review](https://kotaku.com/analogue-pocket-pre-orders-the-kotaku-review-1847434703) by Alexandra Hall for Kotaku > But even if the Pocket misses its would-be October birthday I will not despair. Truth is, over the past 368 days, I’ve enjoyed my pre-order immensely. So enough with all this glass-half-empty woe-is-me talk about “actual video game systems” I can’t currently touch with my “actual human hands.” Let’s talk about what I do have. Besides, obviously, disposable income and weird ideas for articles. > > One thing I have is an order confirmation email. It is dated August 3, 2020, and has a timestamp of 8:03 a.m. I remember, just over a year ago today, how excited I was to see this email arrive in my inbox. I felt like I had won a lottery. Speaking of the Analogue Pocket, this was a real funny article, especially as someone fortunate enough to have a [[Analogue Pocket Sells Out in 10 Minutes|pre-order as well]]. It’s a knee-slapper regardless, I think.