[*Death’s Door* – Xbox](https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/deaths-door) (also on PC) Recommended to me by Logan Moore (and plenty of glowing tweets), I decided to snag this in-between playing games for [[S2 - God of War|Chapter Select Season 2]]. I am a couple bosses in and am quite enjoying it. *Death’s Door* reminds me of both ustwo’s [*Monument Valley*](https://www.monumentvalleygame.com/mv1) and Capy Games’ *[Below](https://www.capybaragames.com/below/)* – which I [[Below Review - Welcome to the Heart of Darkness|reviewed]] at launch for DualShockers. It doesn’t have randomly generated levels, but has an atmospheric, isometric view with a charming, sword-slashing character. Hunting bosses down for their souls, reminds me of, well lots of games, but *Titan Souls* specifically comes to mind. I dabbled on Vita back when it came out. The music is light and airy with a twinge of wonder, like something you’d hear while a tale from long ago was being gently spoken before bedtime. If any of that sounds like a good time to you, I’d recommend playing *Death’s Door*.