> [!info] > Part of creating *The Max Frequency Podcast* was to restore all the episodes of *Behind the Pixel*, an interview show I did in 2017 for seven episodes. These will be mixed into this feed so that the show can live on podcast services once more. Below are the original show notes, with some light editing. I hope you enjoy. <audio controls> <source src="https://traffic.libsyn.com/forcedn/maxfrequency/BTP_Ep6_Poo.mp3"> </audio> - *[Download](https://traffic.libsyn.com/forcedn/maxfrequency/BTP_Ep6_Poo.mp3) (34MB)* - [RSS Feed](https://maxfrequency.libsyn.com/rss) - [Overcast](https://overcast.fm/itunes1557043396) - [Apple Podcasts](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-max-frequency-podcast/id1557043396) - [Spotify](https://open.spotify.com/show/3W1LwBNmhZ6s5QmQViWXKn) David “GrandPOOBear” Hunt is a prominent Twitch streamer and *Super Mario* speedrunner. What started as a hobby as a way to kill time while healing from a snowboarding accident, Poo has gone full time as a streamer with an engaged community. From taking world records for notoriously hard Mario ROM hacks to saving the frames, Poo shares an inside look to the world of speedrunning and Twitch. Follow GrandPOOBear on [Twitch](https://www.twitch.tv/grandpoobear) Follow GrandPOOBear on [Twitter](https://www.twitter.com/grandpoobear) Check out Poo’s podcast [Warp World](https://podcast.warp.world/) # Dope Facts about David “GrandPOOBear” Hunt - Poo is always wearing a snapback hat. - His favorite game console of all time is the Super Nintendo. - Poo is married and his wife is one of the few people that still call him David. # Links to articles mentioned in the interview (Listed in order of publication date) - [Panga’s P-Break: The Hardest Mario Maker level in the world](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OARkSHQrjq0) - [Player Beats Notorious Mario Maker Creator’s Latest Gauntlet With Impressive Cape Trick](https://kotaku.com/player-beats-notorious-mario-maker-creator-s-latest-sta-1755510814) - [Nintendo Deletes Every Stage By Prominent Mario Maker Speedrunner](http://kotaku.com/nintendo-deletes-every-stage-by-prominent-mario-maker-s-1766213101) - [A Conversation With One of Super Mario Maker’s Fastest Speedrunners – NVC](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVbfiT_r3v0) - [Awesome SpeedRun of Super Dram World @ AGDQ with Grand Poo Bear](https://youtu.be/wLRkblznbdM) - [Dram World 100% World Record Speedrun/Any % World Record Speedrun as of 4/12/17](https://youtu.be/h6I1yuBjhtc) - [For Many Speedrunners, It’s Not About The World Records](http://kotaku.com/for-many-speedrunners-its-not-about-the-world-records-1795088886) - [Super Mario Series Relay Race From SGDQ-2017 3 Teams, 15 Players, 5 Games, All For Charity!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DobQQR_2AE) - [GrandPOOBear Speedrun Profile](https://www.speedrun.com/user/grandpoobear) - [Super Warp World- A Whole Mario Game Inside Super Mario Maker](http://super.warp.world/) > [!quote] > “The worst people on the Internet are not representative of 99.9% of the people on the Internet.” — David “GrandPOOBear” Hunt on Behind The Pixel *This episode was originally recorded on August 29, 2017.*