Forza Horizon 5: Every Xbox Version Tested – Digital Foundry

Forza Horizon 5: Every Xbox Version Tested – Xbox Series S/X vs Xbox One S/X! by Digital Foundry on YouTube

It’s a secret to everybody that I have concerns about cross-generational games. I have to give credit where it is due though. It looks like Playground Games has absolutely crushed it with Forza Horizon 5. My favorite part was the footage at Playground Games, where Rich saw their testing set-up for Xbox Series consoles in their respective performance and quality modes and the base Xbox One dev kits. I totally respect the team for not forgetting the base Xbox One.

While it does look amazing on old hardware, I still have to imagine what the game could have been if they had dropped Xbox One support from the outset. We’ll find out with the inevitable Forza Horizon 6.

I also can’t wait to see how Sony’s development teams fare in their upcoming cross-gen titles. I have a tough time imagining scalability and performance of this caliber. Bravo Playground Games, bravo.