The reviews I have personally have been waiting for have finally arrived. - [The Definitive Handheld Retro Gaming System?]( by My Life in Gaming - [DF Retro Review: The Ultimate Retro Handheld?]( by Digital Foundry Both excellent reviews from great people. The examples in each video are so, so good. My main takeaway from both of these (and others) is that the full promise of the Pocket is over the horizon. Quite a few of the Analogue OS features like the Library and Save States are coming next month, according to My Life in Gaming. [[Analogue OS Preview|Delaying these features to version 1.1]] was previously announced, but I have been surprised at the feature set in version 1.0. Even more surprising is the lack of features currently in the Dock. At launch, it doesn’t even support [[Analogue DAC Thoughts and Impressions|Analogue’s own DAC]]. The Dock was originally scheduled to launch after the Pocket. Maybe after so many delays for the console itself, Analogue saw fit to launch them together, which could have led to rushing the Dock’s feature set out of the box? That is all speculation on my part, but I wasn’t anticipating needing a firmware update via USB to the Dock. It also seems that there is no additional cores from third party developers at the ready. I’m curious how long it will take to port those from the [[MiSTer FPGA Thoughts and Impressions – My Tool for Researching the Past|MiSTer]] or create new ones. I’m itching to see how SNES games look and run on the Pocket. Plus, there is the looming cloud of an unofficial “official” jailbreak to allow for ROMs to run off the SD card, which would be required for third-party developed cores outside of the handheld console space. It sounds like the Pocket is solid out of the box, but with a lot of unfulfilled promises looming. I’m confident they’ll come to fruition, but I am surprised and disappointed that more of them were not fulfilled by day one.