[Pixel FX Year in Review](https://docs.pixelfx.co/2021_review.html) In celebration of the company’s one year anniversary, PixelFX has provided insight both to their journey throughout 2021 and for their future. The big news is details on their scaler dubbed [[PixelFX Co Teases New Projects|Morph]] and an entirely new product called the Infinity Switch. The Morph now features BNC connectors and HDMI ports (one input and one output, I believe). Previously, it was to have component, VGA, and S-video. By pivoting to BNC, the Morph is now a module scaler. It can accept numerous video inputs and evolve over time. This is all further expanded upon by incorporating the Infinity Switch, a plug ’n’ play switcher with modules to let customers pick the inputs they want for their scaler. You could have your entire console collection connected to and running through the Morph at once. Users can use multiple methods to switch inputs turning them all into one output through a presumably powerful scaler, based off the [[Pixel FX Announced along with N64Digital|N64Digital]]. Set to launch in Summer 2022, this is going to be *huge* for retro game scalers. Between this and the RetroTINK 5X-Pro, we have truly entered the next-generation of retro game scalers. Hot dog I want to get my hands on one of these.