Tomas Franzese joins the show to help digest the beefy $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. We also chat about Tomas’s new job at DigitalTrends and discuss Hollywood tapping into the well of video game IP. <audio controls> <source src=""> </audio> - *[Download]( (42MB) — [[MFP13_Transcription.pdf|Episode Transcript]]* - [RSS Feed]( - [Overcast]( - [Apple Podcasts]( - [Spotify]( # Show Notes ## The Halo Trailer - [*Halo The Series* Trailer]( - [NPR *Uncharted* Interview]( ## Tomas’s New Job at DigitalTrends - [Tomas’s Author Page]( ## Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard - [Your biggest questions about the Microsoft-Activision deal, answered]( ## The IP and Game Pass - [[Big Three Predictions 2022]] ## Wrap-Up - [[S1E4 - Paper Mario - Color Splash|Paper Mario: Color Splash episode of Chapter Select]] [Max Frequency]( [[Chapter Select]] [Max’s Twitter @MaxRoberts143]( [Tomas’s Twitter @TomasFranzese](