Announcing Wiki Stories — A Limited Run Newsletter

Wiki Stories is a journey back through my time as a freelance guide writer from 2014 through 2019. I wrote or helped write 23 guides for (mostly) games during those five years. I worked on some of the biggest game launches during that period of time, if not all-time. I was a part of the teams for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Red Dead Redemption 2, and God of War. I worked on games I knew would be a big deal before most, like Celeste. There were games I had no clue would become massive successes like Dying Light or Hitman, Season 1. I worked on some straight-up silly stuff too.

Guides are the backbone of gaming sites. They are (or were) often a starting point for writers trying to break into the industry. I’m digging back to share my successes and shortcomings as a guide writer so others can learn from my experience.

This newsletter will run for 25 weeks, starting on February 10, 2022. No tracking. No spam. No cost. At the end of the run, the email addresses will be deleted and posts archived. If you decide to join me — thank you. I hope you enjoy.

You can read the first letter right here on Max Frequency, which talks about how I landed on the idea of a newsletter at the bottom of a creative rut. All future letters will get an excerpt on the blog with links to the letter online, the RSS feed, and the subscription page. I want this to be opt-in for readers to hopefully curate an interested community directly.