[Horizon Forbidden West – PS5 vs PS4 vs PS4 Pro – Can Cross-Gen Deliver For All Gamers?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVdxbaS1BiY&t=3s) by Digital Foundry on YouTube Here was what I said at the end of my [[Forza Horizon 5 - Every Xbox Version Tested – Digital Foundry|post]] about DF’s comparison video for Forza Horizon 5. > While it does look amazing on old hardware, I still have to imagine what the game could have been if they had dropped Xbox One support from the outset. We’ll find out with the inevitable Forza Horizon 6. > > I also can’t wait to see how Sony’s development teams fare in their upcoming cross-gen titles. I have a tough time imagining scalability and performance of this caliber. Bravo Playground Games, bravo. More credit where it is due. I am real impressed that both PS4 consoles keep a stable 30fps. I feared it would have quite a few more hiccups. The quality difference in assets is also profound. Guerrilla Games appears to have kept the experience intact, even on nearly ten-year-old hardware. But again, you have to wonder what design and developmental decisions would have been if *Horizon Forbidden West* started out as a PS5-only game. I’m aware that this particular title started out as a PS4 game. That question is always lingering in my mind for these major cross-generation first-party titles. With *Gran Turismo 7* and *God of War: Ragnarok* still on schedule for this year, I wonder how much longer the cross-generation game will be sticking around for the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.