What an amalgamation of the four main line *Uncharted* games. Bits and bobs from each Nathan Drake game were stitched together to turn the Hollywood-inspired game series into a game-series-inspired blockbuster. Sitting in the theater, I noticed these connections. My wife on the other hand, did not. I don’t think time with the games enhanced the viewing experience. We both left having a fun time. Sully is a bit more greedy and less loyal for it. Mark Wahlberg just isn’t old enough for the Victor Sullivan fans know; even the *Uncharted 3* flashback version. The movie acts like a sort of Sully origin story. Some scenes feel remnant of when Mark was cast as Nate himself, like the funny encounter in a fine pizza establishment. On the flip side, Chloe was much closer to her PlayStation counterpart. Clearly capable, crafty, and loves a treasure hunt. I do wish she was more sarcastic and could have shown off her driving skills. She had a meaner, darker streak à la *Uncharted 2*. If and when there is a sequel, I hope they can lean more into Chloe’s character in the later games. Where on Earth was Elena? I hope she shows up in the future. For all the pieces lifted out of the source material, the villains were not. Some character traits and motivations were, but these baddies were original. I was surprised and delighted to see that play out. As for Nate himself, there were some missing elements. First, he did not straight-up murder enough people. This was an origin story and I suppose every mass murderer starts somewhere. Some quips landed and others did not. Hopefully, they can dial more Nate-isms in down the road. For all my doubts about casting Tom Holland as a young Nate, there was the moment near the end where he slung on a gun holster with a half tucked shirt. He swung into a fight as the theme from the games swelled in the background. At that moment, I believed Tom was Nate. I only saw the original trailer, meaning I had no idea about the climactic set piece of helicopters flying pirate ships. That was an *Uncharted* set piece. Naughty Dog should steal it. I want to play that. *Uncharted* (the movie) is a fun ride, through and through. I couldn’t believe it when the credits rolled. My bar may have been set too low, leading to this surge of praise. The real proof was how much fun my wife had with the movie. She was laughing and grinning and caught up in the thrill. To me, that proves that they nailed the spirit of *Uncharted*. Also, I was the only one that cheered when Nolan North appeared.