[Model Citizens Show Ep. 1- “We’re Back!” – YouTube](https://youtu.be/JAC081PjEz8) Murderers always return to the scene of the crime. The boys and I have decided to resurrect The Model Citizens Show. Back in 2017, Logan Moore, Michael Ruiz, Mario Rivera, and myself undertook launching our own podcast network—Model Citizens Media. The flagship show shared the name, dropping “Media” for “Show.” The network included four shows; said flagship with the four of us, [[Millennial Gaming Speak]] with Logan and myself (which [[Restoring Millennial Gaming Speak|I restored last year]]), Reeling in the Years with Logan and Mike, and [[Behind the Pixel]]. It wasn’t long for the world. We would shut down the network a year later. I often get the shoulder of the blame, dubbing me the podcast killer. It is all in jest, but burnout between most of us lead to a mutual agreement to wind it down. Of course, we didn’t stop talking. We see each other once a year and talk every day. In the passing years, jokes on reviving the show have come and gone, but for some reason this time it stuck. The show is taking a monthly approach. We’ve added a fifth “citizen” with Grant Callahan. I have monthly homework now. The show will soon have its own audio feed and the video version will live on the Point in Progress [channel](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxEe--Q54HeknjfaQGbGCOw), courteous of Mario. We shouldPo be uploading all the old episodes to that new audio feed too, once again resurrecting one of my old shows. Welcome back model citizens.