Launch Timing Update for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel My own stance on my [[Big Three Predictions 2022|2022 prediction for Zelda]]: > 1. The sequel to *The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild* launches in 2022. > 2. Game Boy (GB/C/A) games join Nintendo Switch Online. > 3. A new Donkey Kong game is released on Nintendo Switch. > > I actually don’t believe my own first prediction. *Zelda* games always get hit with delays. But I am playing for points here! If I think Nintendo will delay the game (zig), then I need to say they will release the game on time in 2022 (zag). For points! So I thought the zig was delaying. But Nintendo knew I’d assume the wrong zig, therefore giving me the wrong zag! Regardless, I knew the delay was going to happen. I find it funny that the gap between *Skyward Sword* and *Breath of the Wild* was six years. Plenty of folks thought since this new game was using the same assets, the development time would be shorter. Now the gap between the Wii U’s swan song (and Switch’s debut) and its sequel is six years. Take all the time you need Nintendo. There are too many games coming out now anyway.