Wiki Stories #8 – Until Dawn

The last letter kicked off by mentioning the new Witcher game announcement. Seems fitting that Supermassive announced a new teen slasher game dubbed The Quarry when I’d be writing about Until Dawn. Dying Light 2 and spin-off sequel to a Borderlands just came out. Seems like I waited just the right amount of time to dig back into my wiki work.

I’ve been dying to share the story of this guide in its full gory detail. This one was unique out of all the guides I wrote. It was a fusion of my work up to that point: There were gobs of collectibles (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze), branching narrative paths (Tales from the Borderlands), and plenty of “winging it” (all guides past and future). I was also provided a rare opportunity to have the game substantially early, something that only happened twice in my five years

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