[*Metal Gear Solid 4* Revisited at 4K 60FPS! Today’s Emulation, Tomorrow’s Remaster?](https://youtu.be/DQHZeCjVGIY) by John Linneman for Digital Foundry John has been on fire lately with DF Retro. The Gran Turismo two parter and now a look at PS3 emulation through the lens of *Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots*. It wasn’t so long ago that [[Returning to Shadow Moses — My Journey back through Metal Gear Solid|I replayed the first four MGS games]]. I have to admit I don’t remember these technical hitches that the game has on PS3. I was so immersed in replaying the series that I was riding the Kojima narrative high. It’s the kind of storytelling I savor. I was quite positive on *MGS4* both times I have played it. Who knows how I’ll feel next time around? The emulation scene is impressive and John’s breakdown of its current successes and shortcomings is educational on the status of PS3 emulation. even with one game as the focus. Perhaps someday Sony will crack official emulation of the PS3 and offer it to consumers. I hope so.