Knotwords “Book talk” and reveal – Zach Gage & Jack Schesinger

Knotwords “Book talk” and reveal by Zach and Jack on YouTube

Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger’s new game is out this Thursday—Knotwords. To reveal the game, the pair did a live stream exploring prototypes and explaining their new word game. An insightful stream for undoubtedly another grand slam for the duo.

A real interesting bit is that there are three tiers/versions: a free version with no ads, a subscription version with more puzzles, or a one-time payment of $12 with the same range of puzzles. On PC, solely the paid version is available. The barrier to entry is so low without the incessant nature of ads.

I love it when developers are open about their creative process and iteration. You know I will be downloading it immediately.