Wiki Stories #10 – Just Cause 3

Not to get ahead of myself, but this letter has an all-time favorite wiki story of mine. Just Cause 3 was a quintessential game to end 2015 on. My first full year of wiki work sailed into the new year with grapple hooks and hang gliders. This project alone may have involved nearly 200 emails, but it wasn’t anything some bullets, explosives, and good vibes couldn’t liberate my spirits from. After nearly an entire year in the marshes of Witcher and unraveling the twisty tales of decision-based narrative games, I was cut loose into a sandbox of freedom.

Considering this project, I felt like this tenth letter would be a great entry to explore the tools I used to make guides. In my career (and in this series of newsletters), I’m nine guides in. My freshman learning curve was leveling out into a sophomore stride. My workflow is fairly well established at this point. Some tools and processes I still use to this day; Others I’ve tweaked or thrown out altogether. I was cruising along in 2015 though and this is a perfect guide to explore that pace

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