[Daring Fireball: A Touching Goodbye for iPod](https://daringfireball.net/2022/05/touching_goodbye_for_ipod) by John Gruber for Daring Fireball > Apple, today, announcing that the last remaining iPod model — the iPod Touch — is now discontinued and available only while supplies last… The iPod was the first Apple product I owned. I suspect many folks share that experience. I remember using my friend’s first-generation iPod Nano to showcase why I should be allowed to get an iPod. I totally misunderstood what turning the playhead into a diamond meant. I figured it was a style choice rather than the UI design for scrubbing. 😬 Later I would get a blue second-generation iPod Nano that I rocked through high school, until I was given an iPod Classic for Christmas. I remember watching *Avatar: The Last Airbender* at driver’s ed and listening to a leaked rip of Daft Punk’s *Random Access Memories* in the stock room of Kmart. Lately, I’ve missed having a device solely dedicated to music/media. One more bit from John, before his own memories: > I suspect most people reading this news will experience two thoughts, simultaneously: > > That’s a shame, I loved the iPod. > > Wait, they were still selling the iPod Touch? John’s suspicion was spot on when I told my dad that the iPod line was discontinued. He had no idea one was even for sale.