“Absolute Absurdity” with Logan Moore

It is that magical time in the Summer where Max Roberts and Logan Moore get together to predict E3/Summer Games Fest.

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E3 is Dead, Long Live E3

PlayStation Predictions

E3 2022 – Xbox Predictions

  • Logan’s Xbox Predictions
    1. Starfield gets a trailer at Summer Games Fest then gameplay at Xbox showcase with no new date.
    2. Jedi Survivor gameplay is revealed.
    3. A Fable trailer with gameplay premieres.
    4. Wolfenstein 3 is officially announced and revealed.
    5. Three new first party games are announced.
  • Max’s Xbox Predictions
    1. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is shown on Xbox’s stage.
    2. A Banjo-Kazooie game is announced.
    3. A Game Pass streaming stick device is revealed.
    4. The Indiana Jones game is shown off.
    5. The Last Night reemerges.

E3 2022 – PlayStation Predictions

  • Logan’s PlayStation Predictions
    1. God of War: Ragnaök gets September 2022 launch date announced before June ends.
    2. The Last of Us Remake confirmed and Factions will be packaged with it. The game won’t be announced until September.
    3. A new Sly Cooper game is announced. It is a reboot.
    4. A new Infamous game featuring Cole is revealed.
    5. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is shown on PlayStation’s stage.
  • Max’s PlayStation Predictions
    1. Half-Life Alyx is coming to PS VR2.
    2. A major title gets a day and date launch on PC.
    3. Insomniac announces a PS VR2 game.
    4. Death Stranding 2 gets a whacky Kojima trailer.
    5. Sony announces local PS3 emulation on PS5.

E3 2022 – Nintendo Predictions

  • Logan’s Nintendo Predictions
    1. The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay shown off, but still no official title.
    2. Bayonetta 3 is delayed to 2023.
    3. Shigeru Miyamoto reveals the first trailer for the Super Mario movie.
    4. A new Donkey Kong game finally revealed.
    5. Metroid Prime 4 is still nowhere to be found.
  • Max’s Nintendo Predictions
    1. Bayonetta 3 release date revealed: It is October 28, 2022.
    2. The next DLC pack for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is out “today!”
    3. Game Boy games/systems are announced for NSO.
    4. Hollow Knight: Silk Song actually shows up.
    5. Metroid Prime 4 gets a trailer.

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