My third post since announcement. Can you tell I’m excited? I’ve seen some criticism for *The Last of Us Part I* for being the same exact game, just prettier. Besides being a shallow opinion, it’s short-sighted as well. All we have is a blog post, a cinematic trailer, and some comparison screenshots. At the time of writing, there’s no details on the gameplay, modes, and features. Those concerns could all come true! But, until we know more let’s speculate / wishcast! Nothing like tossing out hopes to properly establish expectations. # Grounded The documentary, not the mode. I think they should keep [Grounded: The Making of *The Last of Us*]( included with this remake. It was available to both the PS3 and PS4 versions. I think it is important to provide access to this in-game. # One Night Live In a similar vein, I say go ahead and include a copy of the [One Night Live]( performance with the extended ending that was only performed for the folks there live. Turns out that scene is essentially the start of *The Last of Us Part II*. It would make total sense to include that now. I have no doubts that was recorded. The show was unique. It’d be nice to see it attached to the game itself. # The Alternate Ending If Naughty Dog is going back and animating everything again from the mocap sessions, I say it is time to animate [the true ending]( of *The Last of Us*. Seriously, they have the reference footage and the character models. Make it an unlockable. Bring some goofy, easter egg, video game-ness to this remake. # Load Up on Concept Art Both games have unlockable concept art. Keep the train going with design doc scans, interviews, and more art. My brain views this remake as a celebration of *The Last of Us*. Allowing for a broader peek behind the curtain of the development would truly be celebratory. # Graphics Toggle If at all possible, I think a toggle to flip between the PS3/PS4 graphics and these new PS5 ones would be wild. Always loved that in *Halo 2: Anniversary*. What’s unclear at the time of writing is how much of a 1:1 remake this is going to be. Has Naughty Dog reimagined or expanded some combat scenarios? Are some environments reshuffled around? If it is a 1:1 remake spatially, I think a toggle like this would be neat to show the leap in visuals. But I would take reimagined environments over this any day. # “New” Mechanics [We do know for a fact]( that the combat and gameplay have been enhanced. > We’ve implemented modernized gameplay, improved controls, and expanded accessibility options in this single-player experience to allow even more individuals to enjoy the game. Effects, exploration, and combat have all been enhanced. What we don’t know is the scope of those improvements. We can imagine accessibility features in line with those found in *The Last of Us Part II*. What about combat though? Is Joel gonna be diving around like Ellie? How will Ellie play in Left Behind since she doesn’t have the same experience as in the sequel? I’d love to have the MGS3-inspired combat across both games, but the question is does it fit within the encounters of the first game? This sounds like fitting a square peg in a round hole. Unless the environments and scenarios are redesigned (see previous wish). If Naughty Dog does go down the redesigned route, I would like to see some tech from *Left Behind* incorporated. Those Infected vs Hunters vs player encounters were unique. I recall Bruce Straley mentioning it was cut from the base game due to time. It’d be nice to see that vision incorporated properly into the original story. --- It’s fun to have the game be so close to release while simultaneously knowing so much and so little about it. In this rare window before release, it’s fun to speculate. I think additions like this would help entice those that think the price is too high. These would be fun surprises and enhancements to offer players that’d be truly unique to this PS5 version. Time will tell though come September.