[The agony and ecstasy of PlayStation trophy hunting: “It’s a huge drop of serotonin”](https://www.inverse.com/gaming/trophy-hunters-platinum) by Joseph Yaden for Inverse > The gratification that comes with improving one’s skills is equally important. For podcaster Max Roberts and avid gaming completionist Niki (who did not wish to share her last name), trophy hunting is about mastering something that once felt impossible. > > “Good trophies feel just out of reach, but obtainable with good practice,” says Roberts. “When I truly love a game, it becomes more enticing to chase the Platinum to keep the experience going.” Look Ma! I made it on Inverse! Joseph sent out [a call on Twitter](https://twitter.com/JosephYaden/status/1527657235563913218) for folks that enjoy hunting down trophies on PlayStation. It sounded like a fun article, so I reached out. I shared about trophy design and the pain of being one task away from the Plat in *Hades*. It still hurts to talk about. Stupid Achilles. > “Trophies have tainted Hades for me,” Roberts says. “I have all but two trophies tied to the same event: Achilles’ Chthonic Companion. After 50 hours and no progression in that storyline, I had to give up.” I realized after Joseph published that I totally should have shared my *Hotline Miami* platinum story. I lost my save data while trying to earn an A+ rating on the chapters. I only had three trophies to go. Eight months later I picked my Vita back up and replayed the entire game – essentially earning all of the trophies twice – to finally earn the platinum. It’s definitely one in my personal Platinum Hall of Fame. Someday I’ll earn the *Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number* platinum.