Michael Mumbauer has Left That’s No Moon Entertainment for Web3

Michael Mumbauer has left That’s No Moon Entertainment roughly one year after founding said developer. That’s No Moon was co-founded with a three other devs, including former PlayStation and Naughty Dog developer Taylor Kurosaki. Michael’s new studio – Liithos – is co-founded with John Garvin of PlayStation studio Bend fame.

The studio has assembled an impressive roster of award-winning talent including Michael Mumbauer, former Head of Visual Arts at Playstation (The Last of Us, Uncharted) and John Garvin, writer & co-creator of the massively successful open-world title Days Gone.

— Hedera on Twitter

They are wholly leaning into Web3. A slate of NFTs already for sale.

I wonder how long Michael will stay at Liithos.

Update: Michael and John were clearly not in the room together when this photo was taken/made. Reminds me of Beyoncé.