There’s a first time for everything, right? I wanted to experiment with announcing the season topic well in advance for Season 4. As we ironed out the next few seasons, we ended up with a pairing in Season 4 and 5 that compliment each other quite well. So why not announce them both at the same time? # Season 4 is *The Fast & The Furious* ![[S4 Teaser Art.jpg]] Yes. We are branching outside of video games. That’s actually been a goal from the show’s inception. And the first film series I wanted to do it with was *The Fast & The Furious*. Logan has never seen these movies, outside of the first one, which he watched for the first time last year. I have been watching them since my aunt rented *2 Fast 2 Furious* from Blockbuster in 2003. I have always wanted to share these movies with Logan. It’s going to be great. I wanted the season to be a true bouncing back and forth, but Logan wasn’t into the idea of narrative whiplash.[^1] Instead, we are watching the movies in chronological order. Logan is very curious why *Tokyo Drift* is the fifth movie in this order. We have three guests lined up for the season so far, but would love more. If you are interested, shoot me a message on [Twitter]( The beauty besides Logan’s introduction to the Fast Family is the time commitment. Movies are (generally) much shorter than games. According to reddit, the total runtime of the *entire* franchise is just over 21 hours. That’s the length of one *Paper Mario* game. Saving all this time is allowing us to work on an ambitious, longer Season 5 for you all in the front half of 2023. # Season 5 is *Resident Evil* ![[S5 Teaser Art.jpg]] It feels like there is no better time to make a season on Resident Evil than right now. *RE4* Remake is out in March 2023, three games just got next-gen patches for free, *Resident Evil Village* is getting a third-person mode and DLC in October 2022. We are in a golden age for the franchise. Logan has been a fan since playing them on GameCube. My introduction to the series didn’t happen until *Resident Evil VII* in VR. I’ve played others in chunks or in whacky orders. Speaking of which… This season’s order is also not a traditional bouncing back and forth. Logan and I cooked up a special order given his knowledge of the lore and the versions we anticipate on playing. - *Resident Evil* (Based off 2002 GameCube remake) - *Resident Evil VII: Biohazard* (2017) - *Resident Evil 0* (2002) - *Resident Evil 2* Remake (2019) - *Resident Evil 4* (2004) - *Resident Evil 3* Remake (2020) - *Resident Evil: Code Veronica* (2000, PS2 Version) - *Resident Evil Village* (2021) - *Resident Evil 5* (2009) - *Resident Evil 6* (2012) - *Resident Evil 4* Remake (2023) I included the years of release to help paint the picture we want to present. We are bouncing back and forth through the years, versions, and remakes. We paired *RE1* and *RE7* for their similarities, according to Logan. We then have this Raccoon City chunk with *RE0* through *RE3R*. Then its the modern-ish era of *Resident Evil* to round out the season. Placing the remakes throughout with the modern PS4/Xbox re-releases of the older games should give us interesting discussion with controls, design, etc. --- We don’t have premiere dates locked in on the calendar yet. When these seasons are ready to premiere, you’ll find trailers in the podcast feed and posts here at Max Frequency. If you are interested in playing (or watching!) one of these titles with us for an episode, send me a message on [Twitter]( and we can try to make it work. Our best work is ahead of us and I cannot wait to share it with you all. --- [^1]: I think there are some interesting pairings when bouncing back and forth. ⏎