Colin Moriarty dives into his origins of writing walkthroughs and FAQs before the rise of video. Max and Colin then explore the history and development patterns behind Naughty Dog before the imminent release of *The Last of Us Part I*. <audio controls> <source src=""> </audio> - *[Download]( (38MB) — [[MFP16_Transcription.pdf|Episode Transcript]]* - [RSS Feed]( - [Overcast]( - [Apple Podcasts]( - [Spotify]( # Show Notes ## Welcome - [Podcast Beyond 299: Is *The Last of Us* the Best Game Story Ever Told?]( - [Podcast Beyond 188: The PSN Lives!]( ## Starting out with FAQs - [Colin’s GameFAQs Page]( - [Colin’s *Mega Man II* Walkthrough]( - [[MFP14 - “I Have It In My Contract to Write About Survivor” with Ricky Frech]] - [CyricZ GameFAQs Page]( ## The True Guide Era of IGN - [Colin’s *Grand Theft Auto IV* Guide for IGN]( - [Downloading to PSP Instructions]( - [Colin’s *The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past / Four Swords* Guide]( - [Snappy Video Snapshot]( ## Trophy Guides - [Lillymo Games Trophy Guides]( ## Rising to Greatness and the Loss of Long-form Writing - [Rising to Greatness by Colin Moriarty]( - [[Chasing the Stick - The History of Naughty Dog during the PS4 Era|Chasing the Stick]] by Max Roberts - [The *Agent* before *Agent*, a lost Rockstar San Diego project]( ## What Happened to Part V of Rising to Greatness? - [Colin’s Part V tweet]( - [PlayStation 3 Was Delayed, Originally Planned For 2005]( ## The Origins of The Last of Us Part I - [[PlayStation’s Blockbuster Garden]] – The Origins of *The Last of Us Part I* - [Upcoming *inFamous 2* UGC Maintenance and Legacy Franchises]( - [[The Cross-Generational Bottleneck]] ## PlayStation Studios’ Pattern - [Jade Raymond’s Interview with]( - [Sony’s Stance on Microsoft Buying Activision]( - [Neil Druckmann Denying *The Last of Us* / *Fortnite* Rumors]( ## Factions 2 - [Naughty Dog 2017 Multiplayer Hiring Video]( ## Wrap-Up - [Last Stand Media Patreon]( - [[S0 - The Last of Us|Chapter Select, Season 0 – The Last of Us]] - [[S2 - God of War|Chapter Select, Season 2 – God of War]] --- [Max Frequency]( [[Chapter Select]] @ChapterSelect [Max’s Twitter @MaxRoberts143]( [Last Stand Media]( [Colin’s Twitter @notaxation](