[How ‘Better Call Saul’ Refined the Art of Television](https://www.wsj.com/articles/better-call-saul-refined-television-11659720932) by John Jurgensen for The Wall Street Journal ([Apple News+ link](https://apple.news/A0daMc24YS4Kw7fCouLr6VQ)) > The visual language of “Saul” begins with its writers. Their breakdowns of how scenes should look are more extensive than those in typical TV scripts. “A lot of people think writing is about dialogue, but for us it’s the spaces in between the dialogue that are the most important,” Mr. Gilligan says. It is a treat to see actual pages from the script. The thought that has gone into lines, shapes, framing, and contrast is expected with a crew of this pedigree. Near 15 years after the premiere of *Breaking Bad*, everyone on crew is at the top of their game. *Better Call Saul* is impeccable. Next Monday will be a de facto end of an era. Also, I’m not sure how the article appears on The Wall Street Journal’s website, but the layout and animation in Apple News+ is slick.