[Breaking Bad and Leicas – Roden Issue 067](https://craigmod.com/roden/067/), April 4, 2022 by Craig Mod As *Better Call Saul* wraps up this evening, I figured it was finally time to share this excerpt from Craig Mod’s Roden newsletter. > All of that is a sort of rambling preamble to say: *Better Call Saul* feels like a miracle. It feels like *Breaking Bad*’s first three or four seasons were Gilligan’s warmup to excising all cruft from scripts. Saul is pure narrative, pure gold. I enjoy when people come into something I love. Craig is right that his approach to skipping chunks of *Breaking Bad* would drive show purists insane. Heck, I rarely listen to music albums out of order. But Craig’s recognition and appreciation of *Better Call Saul* is a testament to the prequel’s effectiveness. I am glad AMC let this odd-sounding spin-off be made and grow into a show that surpasses the original. I’m excited to see what Vince Gilligan and crew come up with next after stepping out from under this *Breaking Bad* clout. After tonight, it will be *Saul Gone*. What has been a significant part of my life for the past decade comes to a close; just as a [[The Next Generation|new chapter prepares itself to be written]].