[[Mixolumia – Drop Puzzler Euphoria|Yours truly two years ago…]] > *Mixolumia* is only on PC and Mac at the moment through itch.io. I haven’t tried rotating my screen, but I feel like the game was made for a “tate” mode. I think it’d be right at home on mobile and especially on Switch, which would be able to support all those features. Hopefully, davemakes considers those and other platforms for the future. *Mixolumia* is a visual puzzler treat that deserves to be as widely available as possible. Finally. > I’ve been working with @MoonGlassGames to bring *Mixolumia* to Nintendo Switch very soon! And to really make it special, we’ve been working on a number of new features and improvements which I am thrilled to finally tell you about in the lead up to launch :) > > davemakes on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/davemakes/status/1556686267424841728/video/1) on August 8, 2022