[A Birth Story](https://longreads.com/2014/11/06/a-birth-story/) by Meaghan O’Connell for Longreads via [Marco Arment](https://marco.org/2014/11/08/a-birth-story) In doing a little research for the next episode of [[The Max Frequency Podcast]] (~~recording very soon~~ [[MFP17 - “A Pure Time Capsule of How I Feel” with Casey Liss|update: the episode is live]], I came across this story on Marco’s blog. His enthusiasm for the story encouraged me to save it (although, not with Instapaper). > It’s long (save it), and I wanted to quote almost every part. Here’s one of the many sections that made me laugh out loud while reading it in bed at 1 AM last night… > > In typical Meaghan style, it’s refreshingly humane, surprisingly informative, hilarious, and terrifying. Having read Meaghan’s tale today, I realize that I glossed over Marco’s closing word of “terrifying.” As someone who is about to become a dad in—*checks the calendar*—37 days (give or take), I’m not sure this was a wise decision. I took multiple breaks in my reading; not due to its length, but due to the overwhelming emotional response of fear, anticipation, and joy that I had. But as strong as my response was, so to was my desire to continue reading. I could not stay away for long. There were two bits I did want to quote: > We couldn’t see in there; couldn’t access it. This was what I hated most about pregnancy and what I wanted over with more than anything: the opacity of it all. I wanted him out where I could see him. The entire pregnancy has felt like this to us. I feel even one more step removed since the kid is growing inside my wife’s womb. All I get is feeling the occasional kick. I have never been so grateful to be kicked in my life, but I want to see my daughter. > He didn’t have a name yet, because nothing had felt completely right, the way we thought it would. We wanted, or I wanted, a revelation; a name that was traditional, simple, strong, but that all of society had somehow forgotten; a name that we alone had unearthed. I wanted everyone to kick themselves, wishing they’d thought of it first. I wanted it to be hiding in plain sight. > > This never happened. We do have a name picked out, but [it’s a secret to everybody](https://zelda-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Secret_Moblin). Landing on her name did feel like a revelation to me. Years of ideas and months of discussion coalesced into a lightbulb moment for our family. I’ll never forget the night we decided. As thankful as I am that Meaghan shared her story, I hope ours is at least a little bit shorter. And if you too about to become a parent, maybe save this one for *after* you enter the club.