Dunkey Launches Indie Game Publishing Company Bigmode

My Indie Game Publishing Company by videogamedunkey

Dunkey is branching out of YouTube and into video game publishing. His video is very hype—very Dunkey. He invokes indie titans like CelesteEnter the Gungeon, and Hollow Knight. There are plenty of games I’ve never heard of or seen.

I am a smidge surprised at the criticism of this venture in the just 12 or so hours since its announcement. I generally lean on a half-full perspective, but I’ve seen the devs, publishers, and press share a range of feedback. Takes from “I have opinions on games, so now I can publish the best” to “get lots of money upfront incase it fails.” All of these come off as valid criticisms to me, if leaning to the pessimist/realist perspective. That’s probably a safer approach in business.

Here’s what Dunkey’s company Bigmode is looking for:

Here’s what excites us in a game!
Passion & artistry
Devs with a clear, strong vision
Devs with deep gaming experience & understanding

Aren’t we all?

And here is what Bigmode is offering devs:

We believe quality & originality should be supported— Bigmode is a unique & powerful way for great indie games to stand out in a crowded space, and our publishing contracts are designed to be the most developer-friendly possible!
We can get involved at any stage from pitch to near-completion. We can also assist with any standard publishing needs you may have:
Development support
PR & community management
QA, porting & localization

To me, Bigmode comes off as dunkey’s Official Seal of Quality. His videos do have sway and power. I would think his financial backing would alleviate sides of development and publishing so that the devs can focus on making the game. It’s not just exposure. I am curious how it will all play out. I hope for the best for all involved.

No matter success or failure, the mascot is divine.

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