Chapter Select: Season 4, Episode 8 – The Fate of the Furious

Photo and design by Max Roberts

The F8 of the Furious Family is on thin ice. New dad Max Roberts and zombie car driver Logan Moore go rogue to figure out if blood is thicker than water. Does the Fast & Furious billion dollar follow-up sink or swim?

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The Fate of the Furious

Rotten Tomatoes – 67% critic and 72% viewers

This episode was originally recorded on October 22, 2022.


Max’s Twitter @MaxRoberts143

Logan’s Twitter @MooreMan12

Researcher, Editor, and Producer – Max Roberts

Hosted by Logan Moore & Max Roberts

Photo and Art designed by Max Roberts.

Resident Evil Village on Mac Review – Digital Foundry

Resident Evil Village on Mac Review: MetalFX Upscaling Challenges DLSS! by Oliver Mackenzie for Digital Foundry on YouTube

The accomplishment of MetalFX upscaling on the M1 lineup here is impressive. I wonder what Apple will be able to offer developers when the inevitable Apple Silicon Mac Pro hits shelves. Capcom proves that the Mac can be a place to game now. I hope other developers take notice and time to port their games to Apple Silicon.

Bethesda Doubles Down

Bethesda tweeted out this statement in regard to Mick Gordon’s thorough account of the DOOM Eternal score and soundtrack debacle.

The recent post by Mick Gordon both mischaracterized and misrepresented the team at id Software, the development of DOOM Eternal, Marty Stratton, and Chad Mossholder with a one-sided and unjust account of an irreparable professional relationship.

We are aware of all the details and history in this matter and unequivocally support Marty, Chad, and the team at id Software. We reject the distortion of the truth and selective presentation of incomplete “facts.” We stand ready with full and complete documented evidence to disclose in an appropriate venue as needed.

The statements posted online have incited harassment and threats of violence against Marty, Chad, and the id Software team. Any threats or harassment directed towards members of our teams will be met with swift and appropriate action to protect their health and safety.

We remain incredibly proud of id’s previous collaborations with Mick Gordon and ask that fans refrain from reaching conclusions based on his account and, more importantly, from attacking any of the individuals mentioned on either side, including Marty, Chad, or Mick.

Says a lot to even respond publicly to Mick and his account with four paragraphs in a little image. It comes off as written by Marty himself. He seems to have no issue using public company accounts to tell a story. We’ll see how this shakes out.

Chapter Select: Season 4, Episode 7 – Furious 7

Photo and design by Max Roberts

You thought this was going to be a street podcast? Max Roberts, Logan Moore, and Chapter Select alum Ricky Frech see if cars can fly and if hearts can soar in the biggest Fast & Furious film to date. Does Universal’s formula for family fizzle out or can the crew continue to top themselves?

Download (47MB) – Episode Transcript

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Furious 7

Rotten Tomatoes – 81% critic and 82% viewers

This episode was originally recorded on September 22, 2022.


Max’s Twitter @MaxRoberts143

Logan’s Twitter @MooreMan12

Ricky’s Twitter @RickyFrech

Researcher, Editor, and Producer – Max Roberts

Hosted by Logan Moore & Max Roberts

Photo and Art designed by Max Roberts.

Mick Gordon’s Statement about DOOM Eternal’s Soundtrack

My full statement regarding DOOM Eternal by Mick Gordon

Marty lied about the circumstances surrounding the DOOM Eternal Soundtrack and used disinformation and innuendo to blame me entirely for its failure.

Afterwards, he offered me a six-figure settlement to never speak about it.
As far as I’m concerned, the truth is more important.

Marty’s Reddit post severely impacted both my professional and personal reputation. In releasing this statement, I’m exercising my right to defend myself. It is a defence, not an unprovoked attack, issued with extreme reluctance only after all other attempts to resolve the matter have failed.

This statement is not an excuse for a hate campaign. Acts of hate dished out online won’t result in any positive change. In fact, it only makes things worse.

Mick’s enthralling account of DOOM Eternal‘s soundtrack is gut-wrenching. id Software and Marty Stratton’s behavior is inexcusable and disgusting. If I were Phil Spencer, I’d have Marty out ASAP.

The Evolution of Kratos’ Posture

I’ve had the idea for this article since March 2018. I probably cooked it up as a pitch for when I wrote at DualShockers. Very much a Buzzfeed-style article with a comedic spin. One glance at the box art lineup for the God of War series and you’ll notice that Kratos has a bit of a posture problem.

With God of War: Ragnarök out today, I figured now is as good a time as any to execute this four-year-old pitch.

God of War (PS2)

My goodness! Look at the arch in Kratos’ back! Totally slumped over, neck craned up, arms a dangling down. This is painful to stare at too long. No wonder he walked off a cliff at the very beginning.

God of War II (PS2)

A significant improvement! Kratos is now upright and tall. It appears as if his arms are being held slightly back past his hips. His shoulders are haunched upward and his neck is nonexistent. Still a ton of work to do in improving his neck work.

God of War: Betrayal (Mobile)

Who could forget Kratos’ mobile debut? This is an odd pose. Is the Spartan General running toward us or tripping over something? His right arm appears to be straight up from his shoulder above his head. The right foot can be seen stretched out toward the back. I would not dub this proper running form.

God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP)

Kratos’ neck appears! The anti-hero is standing tall with his head square, slightly looking toward the heavens. It helps that the game is about Helios falling from the sky, but at least Kratos is on the path to correcting his egregious posture of the past.

God of War III (PS3)

Zeus only knows how Kratos is standing in this one.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP)

Kratos’ Ghost of Sparta stance is the mirror image of his Chains of Olympus pose. Upright, but facing forward and head tilted down. It’s still in the realm of improvement.

Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)

What is up with the arm curl? And slightly leaning to one side? If Kratos keeps this up, the back pain will surely finish him.

God of War: Ascension (PS3)

His poor knees and arms. This is the only vulnerable image we ever get of the Spartan. His head drooping down is a sad sight. Why is one knee off the ground though? That has to be even more painful! Perhaps all the stretching is correcting those early year hunches.

Shovel Knight (PS3, PS Vita, PS4)

As soon as the art style goes retro, Kratos’ posture reverts! Major God of War vibes with an aggressive forward lean, haunched neck and shoulders. I don’t know how he’ll ever recover from this…

God of War (PS4)

…And yet he does. Perhaps it is because he is a father once more and he does not want to pass on his terrible habits to his son. We see Kratos tall, level-headed, arms by his side. He is confident, determined. Atreus, on the other hand, is showing some negative behavior. I understand he is eager for the adventure and is on the bow of a boat, but the elevation of his right leg and slight lean worries me. Hopefully, he can break the familial curse and have healthy posture.

God of War: Ragnarök (PS4/PS5)

Praise be to Odin. They did it. Bravo.

Kratos is holding the Leviathan Axe a bit further down. Maybe all the upgrades from the PS4 title redistributed the axe’s balance.

If there are any more God of War games on the horizon, I hope Kratos remembers what he has seemed to learn during his time in Midgard.

My Video Game Collection Tour

I made a video.

I know the title and thumbnail are in the clickbait vein of YouTube. I feel a twinge of cringe at it.

But, I also sort of had fun making it that way. 😬

I made this tour video for a slew of reasons. I suppose the first is because I wanted to make it. I haven’t made a game collection video since December 13, 2008—near 15 years ago! You could say I was on the cutting edge of game collection videos; and all I made those videos with was my cell phone.

Well, I also made this new one with my cell phone. From 480p on a sliding keyboard phone to 4K60 on an iPhone 14 Pro Max; the leap in quality in just 15 years astounds me. I mounted the iPhone in a phone grip from Elgato and onto a handheld tripod I have lying around. I even wrapped my Apple Watch around the side to try and use as a view finder. I wish I had the thought to not point the camera up my nose. I’ll fix that next time.

I have all these cameras and microphones around. I want to use them more and more. I’ve spent a bit of the year doing live streams on YouTube and have had a ton of fun doing so. I recently bought some upgrade to make streams a bit better, once I find a good time to regularly stream again. Having a one month old has made time fly by lately. This video was a way to utilize some of those tools, while Abby and Eloise were out of the house.

This project was also meant to help push my editing technique. I tried to implement cuts and have some sort of pace. At 28 minutes, the pace could be much better. I threw in some jokes and sound effects, hopefully in a manner that elevates the content.

I was nervous to edit this video. I knew I wanted it to be more “modern” (i.e. clickbaity) and I’ve often refrained more presenting my work that way. I do the work and let it speak for itself. I left the files on my computer for a few days after shooting, wondering if I’d go through with producing and publishing it. Since I’ve run out of podcasts to edit at the moment, I decided to give it a go.

It didn’t take long into the edit to realize I had nothing to be nervous about. I was having fun in post-production too. The creative process has been instrumental to my life this year as a consistent outlet for me. I find myself pushing my own boundaries and trying mew ideas.

I enjoy seeing other folks’ collections and talking about them. I have a gear page here on Max Frequency (which is due for another update). It’s much easier to show these off in video rather than in writing. If you check out the video, I hope you enjoy!

PlayStation VR2 launches in February at $549.99  – PlayStation.Blog

PlayStation VR2 launches in February at $549.99  by Isabelle Tomatis, Vice President of Brand, Hardware and Peripherals, SIE for the PlayStation Blog

PS VR2 launches February 22, 2023 at $549.99.


Costing more than the PS5 hurts. I thought it would be $500 at the max. I understand the pricing. The tech in the headset and controllers is top notch; market-leading in some areas. Combined with the PS5 is still cheaper than a Valve Index and supped up PC or the new Quest Pro.

But, man, it is a tough pill to swallow when just looking at the sticker price. I bet Sony felt good when Meta raised the cost of the Quest 2 by one hundred bucks earlier this year. The top end Quest 2 now costs just $50 less than PS VR2. If you have a PS5, I think spending the extra $50 is a no brainer. If you don’t already own a PS5, then the conversation there changes tune.

Sony also announced a wave of games heading to PS VR2. Notable titles are The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR from Supermassive Games, Crossfire: Sierra BrigadeCosmonious High by Owlchemy Labs (of Job Simulator fame), and Tentacular. None of those are “wow, gotta buy PS VR2 day one” games to me though. Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain is doing almost all of Sony’s lifting here.

I’m surprised there is no mention of Astro Bot yet. I would have bet that Asobi was going to have a game ready for launch. I’m amped for Resident Evil Village. Hopefully, that is also a launch day title and I can have some impressions for Chapter Select Season 5. And, of course, the dream that Half-Life: Alyx could come to PS VR2 is still strong. That would be the game to snag. I hope that is something Sony and Valve could make work.

I am excited to get my hands on PS VR2. Hopefully, that’ll be at launch. But I know I am in the enthusiast group of consumers. I think this is going to be a tough, tough sell to the average PS5 owner.

And perhaps that’s the point. With Big Tech pushing for headsets and immersion, Sony is in a prime spot with their tech. It’d be even better if PS VR2 is PC-compatible. One would hope it would be, considering all that connects it to the PS5 is a USB-C cable. We’ll see how it shakes out in February and for the rest of the PS5’s life-cycle. The tech is exciting. I hope the games will be too.

Chapter Select: Season 4, Episode 6 – The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Photo and design by Max Roberts

Let’s go back to 2006…or are we in 2014? The gaijin Max Roberts and Logan Moore are joined by Yakuza member Michael Ruiz to examine how small stakes feel in a post-Fast & Furious 6 world. Has the Tokyo crew drifted into our hearts or are they better off forgotten?

Download (44MB) – Episode Transcript

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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Rotten Tomatoes – 38% critic and 69% viewers

This episode was originally recorded on September 9, 2022.


Max’s Twitter @MaxRoberts143

Logan’s Twitter @MooreMan12

Mike’s Twitter @TheMichaelJRuiz

Researcher, Editor, and Producer – Max Roberts

Hosted by Logan Moore & Max Roberts

Photo and Art designed by Max Roberts.