My Video Game Collection Tour

I made a video.

I know the title and thumbnail are in the clickbait vein of YouTube. I feel a twinge of cringe at it.

But, I also sort of had fun making it that way. 😬

I made this tour video for a slew of reasons. I suppose the first is because I wanted to make it. I haven’t made a game collection video since December 13, 2008—near 15 years ago! You could say I was on the cutting edge of game collection videos; and all I made those videos with was my cell phone.

Well, I also made this new one with my cell phone. From 480p on a sliding keyboard phone to 4K60 on an iPhone 14 Pro Max; the leap in quality in just 15 years astounds me. I mounted the iPhone in a phone grip from Elgato and onto a handheld tripod I have lying around. I even wrapped my Apple Watch around the side to try and use as a view finder. I wish I had the thought to not point the camera up my nose. I’ll fix that next time.

I have all these cameras and microphones around. I want to use them more and more. I’ve spent a bit of the year doing live streams on YouTube and have had a ton of fun doing so. I recently bought some upgrade to make streams a bit better, once I find a good time to regularly stream again. Having a one month old has made time fly by lately. This video was a way to utilize some of those tools, while Abby and Eloise were out of the house.

This project was also meant to help push my editing technique. I tried to implement cuts and have some sort of pace. At 28 minutes, the pace could be much better. I threw in some jokes and sound effects, hopefully in a manner that elevates the content.

I was nervous to edit this video. I knew I wanted it to be more “modern” (i.e. clickbaity) and I’ve often refrained more presenting my work that way. I do the work and let it speak for itself. I left the files on my computer for a few days after shooting, wondering if I’d go through with producing and publishing it. Since I’ve run out of podcasts to edit at the moment, I decided to give it a go.

It didn’t take long into the edit to realize I had nothing to be nervous about. I was having fun in post-production too. The creative process has been instrumental to my life this year as a consistent outlet for me. I find myself pushing my own boundaries and trying mew ideas.

I enjoy seeing other folks’ collections and talking about them. I have a gear page here on Max Frequency (which is due for another update). It’s much easier to show these off in video rather than in writing. If you check out the video, I hope you enjoy!