My Favorite Games I Played in 2022

I played a total of 28 games during 2022 and rolled credits on 22 of them.1 It’s 11 fewer games than in 2021, but a much higher completion percentage. The reality of it was that Chapter Select kept me honest about beating games. I didn’t venture far from our games for the show.

And honestly…I like that. I never wondered what to play next. I always knew what I’d be working towards. I was mentally relieved from having to make a choice based on mood or genre. I just focused on sinking my teeth into the self-assigned selection. It’s like Steve Jobs wearing the same outfit every day. I avoided decision fatigue with my catalog of games.

There were some games I bought that I haven’t played yet, despite wanting to. The Last of Us Part I, the Cuphead DLC, Shredder’s Revenge, and Stray are some of the few. I haven’t bought Tunic or Inscryption yet. I know I’ll get to these all some day. I find the winter to generally be a time to play whatever I’d like.

I won’t share the entire 2022 list—that’d spoil Chapter Select Season 6—but I thought I’d share my favorites throughout the year. Here we go:

Metroid Dread

I wrapped 2021 by starting Dread and finished it just a few days into the new year. A stellar game from top to bottom. Mercury Steam put forward such slick design. Samus has never been so fluid and dynamic.

The Great Ace Attorney Adventure

This was a Christmas gift. I love the Ace Attorney series and was nervous about this new historical spin-off. I liked the idea of convincing a jury, but the cast (especially Herlock Sholmes) made me skeptical. I never should have doubted the fine folks at Capcom. I fell in love with the new crew (especially Herlock Sholmes) and the mysteries at hand. I am looking forward to tackling the packed-in sequel someday, perhaps during 2023.

Resident Evil 3

This was before we decided that Chapter Select Season 5 would be all about Resident Evil. I needed a game to fill in a gap before the launch of..I honestly forget what I was waiting for, because Resident Evil 3 is perfection. Not to spoil our upcoming episode on the game, but I absolutely love Jill’s escape from Raccoon City. I even uploaded my Inferno S Rank run while earning the Platinum. Man, I can’t wait to play again.

Grant Turismo 7

I never thought I’d be into a SIM racer. I have always been an arcady racing gamer. But the State of Play sold me. GT7 has such character. You feel the love poured into every polygon. You can’t help but smile while playing.

Resident Evil 4 VR

Again, I don’t want to spoil our upcoming episode of Chapter Select. I did play this version after we decided to tackle the horror series. I selfishly wanted the VR version to be my first exposure to the iconic title. I added the challenge of streaming the game in its entirety. It was a fun and creative layer, while exploring the beloved game.

God of War: Ragnarök

Ragnarök is a game of two halves that were mashed together to try and make one game. It’s ambitious and bold. The dissonance between gameplay and story in the main game proves too great for Sony Santa Monica’s ambitions though. The final product is crammed into a state of disjointedness.

But dang, that combat is 🔥.

1. I might squeeze one more in before the year’s end

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