It is time for me to leave Twitter. Due to the strange times with the Blue Bird, I do feel like I have to emphasize that this is not because of Elon Musk’s acquisition. Twitter is the only social network I have any active presence on. I’ve felt this desire to leave welling up inside me for a couple of years now. In classic fashion, I pushed off doing what I knew was healthy in exchange for what felt good. With that out of the way, now I can explain why. I’m tired. Twitter drains me. The echo chamber is so loud. My incessant craving to pull down and refresh is robbing me of my most precious resource—time. I’m addicted. Twitter and the rush of its instantaneous chronology fuels me. Addiction runs in my family. Do I want my daughter to remember me as the dad that couldn’t pull away from Twitter? Not at all. I need to be better for myself, my wife, and my daughter. I "quit" Twitter once for three weeks—the week before, of, and after my wedding. I always described my return like the first drag of a cigarette. My brain is firing off whenever I scroll. I don’t want or need that anymore, if I ever did. I’m tapped. For every minute Twitter takes up in my day, I’m not focusing on something else. My creative projects suffer. I never find inspiration or solutions on Twitter. It can be the avenue I take to those places, but Twitter never is the source. I think the endless nature of it all actually zaps creativity out of you. The feed can be a place where doubts are reaffirmed and ideas squandered. I feel more alive and energetic creating for my own website than I ever have writing 280 characters. How many ideas or shared posts have been tossed out in a forgotten tweet? I think too many. Why not go to Mastodon (or some other network)? That’d be like swapping cigarettes for a vape.[^1] --- I won’t be deleting my accounts (I’m far too much a digital hoarder / preservationist to do that). I’ll keep them up and will use the website to tweet out links to posts and shows. It’s all business from here on out. My beloved Tweetbot and the icky official Twitter app are gone off my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Thank God the website is so atrocious that it repels me. Twitter is a special place. I am forever indebted to it, in one way or another. I started talking with my wife on Twitter. I [reconnected with old friends]( and made new ones. I worked [[Wiki Stories Letter 2 – Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze|my way into freelance work]] through Twitter. But it’s time to wrap it up. To mix in [[Tiny-Wings.jpg|another bird reference]], the sun has set on my little bird and it is time to sleep. It’s time to rest and feel rejuvenated. It’s time to dream of new ideas. --- You can (obviously) find my work here on Max Frequency. I’ll check my messages when I need to promote. You can listen to my podcasts – [[The Max Frequency Podcast]] and [[Chapter Select]]. I’ve been a bit more active on my [YouTube channel]( as well. I’m not leaving the Internet. I’m just leaving the nest I’ve called home for [the past 10 years]( So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Adieu. --- [^1]: If I were to pick a Mastodon client though, you better believe I’d use [Ivory by Tapbots](