Gran Turismo 7 is Coming to PS VR2

Gran Turismo 7 and Beat Saber are coming to PSVR 2 by Jordan Middler for Video Games Chronicle

Announced by President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan at CES, Gran Turismo 7 will arrive as a free upgrade at the launch of the headset.

You would be forgiven for not remembering PS VR2 launches next month. Heck, I only remember because I have a placeholder in my delivery tracking app. Sony’s launch of this platform is odd.

Why wasn’t this announced two months ago when the launch date and price were revealed? Another strange announcement for PS VR2. Were they holding off until both CES and the teaser for the movie was ready?

With both GT7 and Resident Evil Village as launch games, I am more and more jazzed to get my hands on the device. We should get more hands-ons impressions from CES this week, I’d imagine.