[Introducing Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5, a highly customizable accessibility controller kit](https://blog.playstation.com/2023/01/04/introducing-project-leonardo-for-playstation-5-a-highly-customizable-accessibility-controller-kit/) by Hideaki Nishino (Senior Vice President, Platform Experience, SIE) for PlayStation Blog Happy to finally see PlayStation make an accessibility controller. With Xbox having their Adaptive Controller from 2018, now players on either major platform have options.[^1] PlayStation has put a huge investment into accessibility options in their games’ and game engines: pair that with a physical controller and the options open up even more. Project Leonardo is a circle with swappable plates and paddles. Every button press is customizable. There is expandability through a 3.5mm jack; a standard expansion port for these types of interfaces. It can be paired with another Leonardo and a DualSense. The PS5’s design language continues to be a futuristic delight. It’s one of the most cohesive console generations ever. Between Project Leonardo and the new DualSense Edge, PlayStation owners now have first-party controller parity with Xbox and we all win for it. I really want to add both accessible controllers to [[The 2021 Controller Collection Update|my collection]]. --- [^1]: I wonder if you can link an Adaptive Controller with Project Leonardo…🤔